Wednesday, March 1, 2017

blog 6

They invited me ice skating. I had never been, again I was wrapped up in my blankets and betsy was in my lap, but I decided to abandon my cozy scene to learn to ice skate. I layered up, including 4 pairs of socks, and headed out. The girls were waiting for me at the bottom of my building, bundled up as well. "Do they have ice skates there?" I assumed they did because none of them were holding skates.
"Ya, they have like a little free library of skates, it's really cute," Dani said, smiling. We headed toward the pond that had been frozen over by the Alaskan like weather. 
"Okay, let's skate!!" Mandy yelled running over to the skates, we all followed, quickly tightening the laces and rushing towards the ice. 
I stepped on, and i could imediantly feel myself loosing my balance. I tried to stay up but I feel right on my face. My day had been ruined.
"Awww, little chambly doesn't know how to ice skate does she," Quin and Dani laughed as they passed me without even trying to help me up. I was now raging. I was clearly in severe pain and they didn't even try to make me feel better, just laughed. 
I got back up, and tried again, proceeding to fall for the second time.
"Oh my gosh! Chambly! Are you okay?" Sharon offered her hand to me, I smiled, feeling that warm blanket around me. At least Sharon cared.
"Sharon, she has to learn, she's being a little baby," Dani cackled. The sharp noice hit me hard and I could feel tears forming in my eyes. Sharon still helped me up, and followed after Dani without saying anything.
I finally stood up, and just as I started to hit my stride, Mandy raced past me, and the forced knocked me down, she didn't even turn back, just continued on.
Next time they invited me somewhere, I was definitely going to stay home.

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