Wednesday, March 1, 2017

blog 3

I love to stay in. Wrap myself in a warm blanket, turn on the news or a good show, cuddle with my dog, eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate. I love it all. So when Dani texted the group conversation asking if any of us wanted to go with her to the forum, I was very tempted to say no, I was in my pajamas, remote in hand, betsy on the couch, but free meeting Banks, I realized that many others in the community could be pleasant as well and I was anxious to meet them. Mindy and Quin agreed to go as well. I wasn't exactly sure what the forum would be about, I remember receiving an invitation in the mail, but I didn't get a chance to read it. I stepped outside, feeling for my invitation in my packet. I shivered violently. I didn't expect the cold, for just earlier that week it had been nice fall weather. I was happy that the at was such a short walk from my apartment building and I quickly made my way into the forum, presenting my invitation at the door. It seemed as though I was the first one of my friend to arrive. I spotted some firmiliar faces. Debra from the mat had shown up, and I could see a man that I knew I recognized, but I didn't know where. 
"Chambly!" Quin shouted across the bar, I turned, the three girls were standing together near the bathrooms. 
"Hey! What's up?" I asked, but the girls didn't even make eye contact with me, "Hello?"
"Sorry, we noticed right before you came over here that the man from the circus is here, like the ring leader guy or whatever," Mindy pointed towards a talk man, dressed normally, as though he blended in.
"Oh, ya I saw him earlier, I couldn't put a finger on where I knew him from though, I guess that's where haha, so do you guys want to get drinks?"
"Chambly, are you not concerned by this?"
"Um no, It's just a circus guy, what does it matter?" I was confused, I mean circuses can be creepy, but I didn't think that the man's presence was very meaningful.
"Have you not heard the rumors around town? A creepy circus showed up in the middle of the night and that guy," Mindy said, pointing again towards the man, "would stand on the corner all day handing out flyers and stuff and then all the sudden the circus disappears and now this guy, like the head of the show is left behind, I don't know I guess it doesn't mean much but he still gives me the creeps," Mindy cringed. I just shook my head, he was just a guy who had a job with a circus, nothing strange about that.
"Okay, so drinks?" I suggested again, the girls shyly shook their heads and followed me to the bartender.

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