Wednesday, April 26, 2017

blog 7

I had forgotten about the death completely. Maybe it was a coping method, maybe is was sheer memory infectivity, regardless, I had forgotten. When the body resurfaced, I had few questions, unlike everyone else. It was one event, nothing like it had happened before or since the incident so I didn’t see it as significant. I didn’t know the victim or their family so the original killing faded quickly and so did the resurfacing of the body.
I don’t mean to seem unsympathetic. I understand why others find this event so important, but I find it best not to dwell on topics like this. I continued to work at my job, I maintained my friendships despite my attraction to home, my life will go on.
The main concern is  the effect on the town. My friends only invite me over to their houses, local businesses have suffered, everyone is living in fear.
I suppose this didn’t happen as direct aftermath of the murder because everyone believed the criminal would be caught, or that there was no murderer at all, and by the time it would have become a concern that the killer would never be caught, the event had become irrelevant. The discovery of the body had confirmed that anyone could get away with murder.
I am not worried for my safety or the well being of anyone else, but I am concerned about the financial state of local businesses.
I am insensitive, but after a year, I think after finding the body the family is finally at peace.