Wednesday, March 1, 2017

blog 6

They invited me ice skating. I had never been, again I was wrapped up in my blankets and betsy was in my lap, but I decided to abandon my cozy scene to learn to ice skate. I layered up, including 4 pairs of socks, and headed out. The girls were waiting for me at the bottom of my building, bundled up as well. "Do they have ice skates there?" I assumed they did because none of them were holding skates.
"Ya, they have like a little free library of skates, it's really cute," Dani said, smiling. We headed toward the pond that had been frozen over by the Alaskan like weather. 
"Okay, let's skate!!" Mandy yelled running over to the skates, we all followed, quickly tightening the laces and rushing towards the ice. 
I stepped on, and i could imediantly feel myself loosing my balance. I tried to stay up but I feel right on my face. My day had been ruined.
"Awww, little chambly doesn't know how to ice skate does she," Quin and Dani laughed as they passed me without even trying to help me up. I was now raging. I was clearly in severe pain and they didn't even try to make me feel better, just laughed. 
I got back up, and tried again, proceeding to fall for the second time.
"Oh my gosh! Chambly! Are you okay?" Sharon offered her hand to me, I smiled, feeling that warm blanket around me. At least Sharon cared.
"Sharon, she has to learn, she's being a little baby," Dani cackled. The sharp noice hit me hard and I could feel tears forming in my eyes. Sharon still helped me up, and followed after Dani without saying anything.
I finally stood up, and just as I started to hit my stride, Mandy raced past me, and the forced knocked me down, she didn't even turn back, just continued on.
Next time they invited me somewhere, I was definitely going to stay home.

blog 5

I was a firm believer of Christmas after Thanksgiving, but this year i was using cold as an excuse to move up the exciting time! I was hoping that the town would move on from the murder and just focus on the joys of the holiday season, however it seemed as though the town was buzzing about the next suspicious event that had occurred. I had been receiving texts all night from the group conversation about the mysterious figures around town and what not. I personally had almost given up being social and decided to spend the majority of my winter inside. I only left the house for the essentials, like laundry, work or food, otherwise, I was with my dog betsy on the couch watching a christmas movie and drinking hot chocolate. I was cooped up in my apartment until i was forced by Mindy, Sharon, Quin and Dani to go to the Christmas tree lighting. They whined explaining that it was a tradition and I had to be there, so after a while of then pushing I agreed to go. I slipped on my warmest sweater, my Ugg boots, two pairs of leggings, four pairs of socks and a thick winter coat. When I finally stepped outside I could barely walk but I was warm. I met the girls at the bottom of my building. We quickly got to the tree lighting and got warm hot chocolate from the first place we could find.
"I love christmas!" Mindy hummed, she had a giant smile on her face and she couldn't take her eyes off the tree. I looked over at her.
"Me too," my smile got almost as big as hers. None of us wanted to look away, even unlit the tree was beautiful. None of us had seen an alive tree in what felt like months and it was amazing to see something so big and lucious. I checked my phone 9:25.
"They should light it in just a. few minutes," I informed everyone. I took a strong sip of my hot chocolate. We all stood in silence until the tree began to glow, we looked like small school children looking at a cake, staring in wonder.
"What do you guys want to do now?" Dani asked, clearly ready to leave.
"I have an idea!" Sharon shouted, "Let's go to the park and make snow angels!!!" She started almost sprinting towards the park and we all followed, laughing loud across the town. When we arrived we dropped to the ground and moved our arms and legs as fast as we could. I got home that night numb, cheeks red, toes almost infected with frost bite but my only thought was: those girls are my best friends and i'll leave the house for them any day.

blog 4

Attempting to be social left me constantly tired, so when I received a text from Sharon asking if I would waitress with her at the Murder Mystery party in my building, I unenthusiatically agreed. I loved halloween parties, which is the real motive behind me leaving the house. I really loved dressing up and getting scared. I had noticed the invitation under my door a few weeks prior, but I wasn't sure who had left it there. I decided to dress as a witch. I had always loved the concept and the costume was easy. I had finished my costume without the green face makeup, I made the executive call because I had already put too much effort into my current face makeup to remove it.
I met Sharon downstairs at 8, she had already been briefed on the procedures so I just followed what she told me to do. Soon after guests began to arrive and it seemed within the blink of an eye the entire 7th floor was packed.
"Look!" Sharon aggressively nudged me.
"What!" I turned around, a bit annoyed.
"It's the ringmaster guy! didn't you guys see him at the forum too?"
"Okay, ya, I have a question, why does anyone care about this guy, he is just an average guy! probably took a wrong turn in life and worked for the circus to make some extra money, now he's out of it and we just should all let him be!" I turned back to my work, refusing the recognize the significance of the man's presence.
"I guess that could be one theory, but everyone around town is talking about how he is the one who left that pool of blood a few weeks ago, and I think they could be right! I mean look at the guy, he's so creepy!" Sharon made a disgusted face, keeping her eyes on the ringmaster.
"Just because someone seems creepy, doesn't mean they would murder someone! Why is everyone getting all up in this poor man's business," with that, i grabbed a plate of hors d'oeuvres and began serving them to people, ignoring the man.

blog 3

I love to stay in. Wrap myself in a warm blanket, turn on the news or a good show, cuddle with my dog, eat popcorn, drink hot chocolate. I love it all. So when Dani texted the group conversation asking if any of us wanted to go with her to the forum, I was very tempted to say no, I was in my pajamas, remote in hand, betsy on the couch, but free meeting Banks, I realized that many others in the community could be pleasant as well and I was anxious to meet them. Mindy and Quin agreed to go as well. I wasn't exactly sure what the forum would be about, I remember receiving an invitation in the mail, but I didn't get a chance to read it. I stepped outside, feeling for my invitation in my packet. I shivered violently. I didn't expect the cold, for just earlier that week it had been nice fall weather. I was happy that the at was such a short walk from my apartment building and I quickly made my way into the forum, presenting my invitation at the door. It seemed as though I was the first one of my friend to arrive. I spotted some firmiliar faces. Debra from the mat had shown up, and I could see a man that I knew I recognized, but I didn't know where. 
"Chambly!" Quin shouted across the bar, I turned, the three girls were standing together near the bathrooms. 
"Hey! What's up?" I asked, but the girls didn't even make eye contact with me, "Hello?"
"Sorry, we noticed right before you came over here that the man from the circus is here, like the ring leader guy or whatever," Mindy pointed towards a talk man, dressed normally, as though he blended in.
"Oh, ya I saw him earlier, I couldn't put a finger on where I knew him from though, I guess that's where haha, so do you guys want to get drinks?"
"Chambly, are you not concerned by this?"
"Um no, It's just a circus guy, what does it matter?" I was confused, I mean circuses can be creepy, but I didn't think that the man's presence was very meaningful.
"Have you not heard the rumors around town? A creepy circus showed up in the middle of the night and that guy," Mindy said, pointing again towards the man, "would stand on the corner all day handing out flyers and stuff and then all the sudden the circus disappears and now this guy, like the head of the show is left behind, I don't know I guess it doesn't mean much but he still gives me the creeps," Mindy cringed. I just shook my head, he was just a guy who had a job with a circus, nothing strange about that.
"Okay, so drinks?" I suggested again, the girls shyly shook their heads and followed me to the bartender.

blog 2

I was looking at my feet in the leaves. I was shuffling home from work, not in a hurry. I noticed someone down the street but I didn't think much of it. They seemed to be frustrated about something they had done in their sketchbook. I continued down the street, almost home. Smiling until I felt a sharp pain in my head.
“I’m sorry, are you okay?" she asked. there was clear concern in her face.

“yeah…” I said hesitantly.
“You sure?” the girl asked again
I nodded, lying. I had now changed my evening plans to sitting on my couch holding ice on my head.
“I’m Banks.” Banks said reaching her hand out for a handshake.
“Chambly.” I said shaking her hand.
“Its nice to meet you Chambly, I’m sorry again about your head.”
“Really, it’s fine.” I said and laughing, I knew it wasn't her fault I had run into her, I should have been paying attention, the more I spoke to Banks the more I began to like her.
“Okay well I hope the next time we see each other I won’t be apologizing for hitting you in the head with.” Banks laughed a little
“Me too!”
“It was nice to meet you.” Banks said waving as they headed in their separate directions. It wasn't often that I shared a conversation with someone outside of my circle of friends, but I considered going out more after meeting Banks.