Wednesday, March 1, 2017

blog 4

Attempting to be social left me constantly tired, so when I received a text from Sharon asking if I would waitress with her at the Murder Mystery party in my building, I unenthusiatically agreed. I loved halloween parties, which is the real motive behind me leaving the house. I really loved dressing up and getting scared. I had noticed the invitation under my door a few weeks prior, but I wasn't sure who had left it there. I decided to dress as a witch. I had always loved the concept and the costume was easy. I had finished my costume without the green face makeup, I made the executive call because I had already put too much effort into my current face makeup to remove it.
I met Sharon downstairs at 8, she had already been briefed on the procedures so I just followed what she told me to do. Soon after guests began to arrive and it seemed within the blink of an eye the entire 7th floor was packed.
"Look!" Sharon aggressively nudged me.
"What!" I turned around, a bit annoyed.
"It's the ringmaster guy! didn't you guys see him at the forum too?"
"Okay, ya, I have a question, why does anyone care about this guy, he is just an average guy! probably took a wrong turn in life and worked for the circus to make some extra money, now he's out of it and we just should all let him be!" I turned back to my work, refusing the recognize the significance of the man's presence.
"I guess that could be one theory, but everyone around town is talking about how he is the one who left that pool of blood a few weeks ago, and I think they could be right! I mean look at the guy, he's so creepy!" Sharon made a disgusted face, keeping her eyes on the ringmaster.
"Just because someone seems creepy, doesn't mean they would murder someone! Why is everyone getting all up in this poor man's business," with that, i grabbed a plate of hors d'oeuvres and began serving them to people, ignoring the man.

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